How get arns and id's? guide indicates Get ARN and IDs modal. but I do not see it

how get appID workbookId and tableID in classic?
I'm trying to run this

I looked at this doc

Table metadata APIs require the workbook id as input. You will need an app to get the workbook id. Simply right-click on any app object in builder to access the Get ARN and IDs modal.
I don't see anything for getting arn or ids when I right click on my app.


Hi @michael-x,

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In classic, the App ID and Workbook ID can be found by right-clicking a screen from the left-hand screen panel in Builder > select Get ARN and IDs > copy them from the pop-up modal.

To get table IDs from your workbooks for API calls, you can use ListTables. Here's an article with more info on this: ListTables - Amazon Honeycode


aws honeycode list-tables \
  --workbook-id "<workbook-id>"

Python SDK:

response = honeycode_client.list_tables(
    workbookId = '<workbook-id>')

You'll just enter in your workbook ID, and the response will list all of the associated table IDs.

Hope this helps!


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I see the issue, honeycode was never linked to my aws account.
I guess even though honeycode is owned by aws, it isn't directly linked to aws when I signed for honeycode with my email login.

Connect AWS account status: pending .
Approve pending connection requests in the AWS Management console.

Can I ask in this follow up where in console is the connection approval? I do not see it

Nevermind, I've found it.

Thanks for the help, i'm able to get results in aws cli

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