How many people can you add to an APP?

I want to create a performance tracking system for my company. They app will have need a form to collect the data, review the data and a reporting permission structure.

Can HoneyCode do all of this?

Can it be used by ~200 people?

Hi @Mark-1b29, welcome to the community! :honeybee:

Yes, with Honeycode you can create an app as you've described. The App Wizard can quickly create an app for you (with a structure and flow of a list, details, and form screen), and you can control permissions of what data is available to each user with both personalization and data validation.

For an example that shows a review flow, check out our Timesheet template which has an Employee app where users can submit requests, and Manager app where users can review requests.

Regarding the amount of users, check out our available tiers here to learn more.

Hope this helps get you started. Let us know if we can assist further in your building journey! :honey_pot:

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