How to add a link to email


I added a web link to an automation email message. But the email does not display the web link.

Can you let me know how can i do so? Thanks.

Hello @Roland,

You can add a web link to the Notify block. However, the link/url will be stripped off in the email, and users will view it as plain text. Users can still copy and paste the link in their browser. Users will be able to view the link in the in-app notifications.

Hope this helps!

Thank you,

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Hi Khushboo,


The link works in the in-app notifications. But it is not visible in email.

This is what I setup:

This is what I see in email:

What should I do to make the link visible in email?


Hi @Roland,

That is correct. Today, we strip off any links/URLs from the email body. By stripping off I mean we remove it completely and show blank in the email body. However, users can view it in the in-app notification.

We do understand that for certain use cases, users need to add links to the email body. I have shared the feedback with the team. In the meantime, I recommend may be either hinting users to click the link from in-app, or adding the link and also sharing a plain text version "workingdays" for users who want to use the email only as the source.

Hope this helps! Thank you for your patience while we evaluate this feature.


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Thank for clarifying. I will work around the problem in the mean time. Cheers

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