How to add a list into detail view in New Experience

I can't find a way adding a list(nested items of table) into a detail view. My app is started from Starter App template in new experience.

But I find the expected design(the nested list in a detail view) in prebuilt Event Planner template. It would be great helpful having a video tutorial how creating an app like Event Planner in new experience builder.

Hi @Kane!

Thank you for your post, and welcome to the community!

We will be publishing a how-to article on this topic this week. I will follow up here with the link once it is ready.

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Hi @Kane,

Following up. Here is the article with the steps on how to add a list to a detail screen (i.e., a related list).

Hope this helps!


Thanks for providing the article. I did create the sub list in detail screen.

It's really hard to find what the green nub menu **[+]** is in step 8.

One more question, how to set the default value of parent item as the item in detail screen when creating a new sub item?

Hi @Kane,

Thank you for your feedback on the + menu, I will pass it along to my team.

It's not currently possible to add a default value. However, this is also really great feedback, so I will make sure to convey it to my team.

Thank you!