How to add a prompt?

Hey, I want to add a feature to the application which says, whenever I click on the Approve or Deny button it should prompt me a dialog box saying "Do you want to approve/deny". Just to confirm the user's action. So that, if a user mistakenly clicks on it.

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Confirmations are definitely useful to avoid mistakes with buttons, as you had indicated. There's a clever way to do this by using a combination of visibility settings and variables. Here are a couple difference resources for that:

Also, I'd suggest you check out the Instant Polls template as a confirmation prompt just like you had mentioned is configured in there. For example...

2021-06-13_23-13-51 (1)

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate it.
Sure, I'll do the following things you mentioned and let you know if I face any challenges.
Thank You.

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Hey, I've tried the above-suggested solution but I'm facing some challenges. In the below screenshot as I click on the "Check/Cross" Button icons it will show me a block where I would like to confirm the action.

This part is good but the problem is whenever I click on the Approve/Deny confirmation button it takes an action only on the first row from the List.

Let's say, I want to Approve the second leave from the stacked list. So, I click on the Check button symbol and confirm it(ScreenShot 1 and 2) but the thing is, it takes action only on the first row of the stacked list(In ScreenShot 3). No matter which row I click on, the first row gets affected.
I want the particular row from the list to get affected.
I am using a stacked list so that it looks good on mobile view.


Thank you for your response.

When you click the Approve/Deny confirmation button and only the first row in the table is updated, it is likely that automation is only affecting the first row only. It would be helpful to confirm if you are using FINDROW() or any other means to refer to the related row when you click on the button.
Should you still be having trouble, please give a screenshot of the formula on the automation on confirmation button.


Yes, I'm using the FINDROW() on the confirmation button.
I'm using the Time-OFF reporting template to build my application.
And, here's the ScreenShot.

Any help on this would be appreciated.


Thanks for your response.

I assume you are making Block4 (in your screenshot) visible by clicking on the Approve/Deny (green/red) button by using the hidden screen variable . If so, I suggest creating one more hidden variable ($empId) that populates the employee ID/name when the approve/deny (green/red) button is clicked.

Now by clicking the Approve confirmation button (blue), you will be able to use an expression based on FINDROW() to update the approve/deny values in table only for the row that matches the employee id/name from hidden variable ($empId). The screenshot below shows what I tried on my end for the final approval button.
Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 2.49.24 PM

Hope you find this helpful.

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