How to add a time stamp to a new record

Hi. I would like to make attendance app. In the app, I want to add "date", "coming time", "leaving time" and "name of user" in a record.

It would be nice that "coming time" and "leaving time" are automaticall added in the record, like time stamps.

Any suggestions?


hey @daichifj - I think I figured it out. When you create a new form in an app, click "customize initial values". Then, in your timestamp field, enter =Now() to insert the current date/time.



Hi @daichifj and @Jaso-8da0, welcome to the community! Yep, NOW() is the function to use here. What you could do is have a button on a screen with an automation (builder) associated with it. That automation will insert NOW() table columns, such as "coming time" and "leaving time." And then when the person clicks/taps the button, the automation will run and update the table(s).

There's a tremendous amount of flexibility with automations, so I recommend you experiment with it for this use case. Seems like it'll be a good fit.

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Thank you @Jaso-8da0 @aj !
I will try it!!

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