How to add emoji

I feel silly asking this, but how do I present emoji's in my app?

Emoji's are never silly! :grinning: I find the in-built HTML editor very helpful. That is, after clicking your preferred emoji, the editor automatically inserts the code in text format. :blue_heart:

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I can't seem to find the HTML editor? Don't see anything about it in knowledge center. Thanks.

I'll have a look for you today, @Cara-ead8. Please let me know if you're able to resolve in the interim.
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Hi @Cara-ead8 and @Richard, welcome to the community! You should be able to simply copy emojis from a preferred emoji site and paste them into a Honeycode app. They're quite fun and you can even use them for app logos if placed as the first character of your app name. Try it out and then check out your app on a mobile device :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome! Thanks, AJ. :bulb:

When I attempt to do this I get a "Could not paste component" message. I'm attempting to paste it into a content box. Here is the emoji site I'm using:

@Cara-ead8 that's odd. Which browser are you using to build? Also, can you paste that emoji anywhere else? (within the app or even outside of Honeycode altogether?)

Hi @Cara-ead8 - if you are using Windows operating system you can simply press the Windows key and Period at the same time (WINDOWS+PERIOD) and you should see a pop-up with emojis to pick from.


This makes for a quick and easy way to add them to your app (or about anything else) :smiley:

Of course, copy and paste is a good option too as @aj mentioned.


Thanks @TigerTriangle, that method works for me. Does that mean I am limited to the emoji's in that box? I cannot select one from

You should be able to use emoji's from anywhere, @Cara-ead8. When you were trying to copy and paste, were you using the Control-V keyboard shortcut or did you right click and try to use the context menu?

@Cara-ead8 at the bottom of that window that pops up (when pressing Win+.) there are icons you can click. Each one shows you a new set of icons. Just wanted to make sure you saw that.

Also, I'm not sure about the site you referred to but this one makes it really easy.

When you click on the Emoji there is a panel that pops up at the bottom of the window that allows you to copy it. Then you can just right-click and paste or better yet just use Ctr+V.

Here is another one that seemed to work. Here you can highlight the emoji, right click and copy or press Ctr+C and then paste it. One way to make sure you are pasting the Unicode instead of a picture is to paste it in Notepad. It will show some representation of the emoji if it is Unicode. And I believe that's what you'll want rather than an actual picture.

When I started searching I was able to :mag_right:find other websites that were pretty :sunglasses:cool as well. Good luck!


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