How to add team members

I've tried to add a member to the team, and the member has received the invitiation email. After clicking the link, and creating a new account, they don't become a member of my team, but instead establish a new account with their own team. In my team, it just shows "invited".

How do you add another person to your team? I've read all the articles, but none of them address this issue. I've tried this now with two different emails, and both just end up with their own individiual accounts and are not part of my team.

I just noticed that if I use the email link with the invitation from a laptop, then it does prompt me to join the team after I log into the new account that I've created. So there seems to be a bug in the mobile access since the acceptance only appears to work from the browser, and not the mobile app.

This seems very limiting since if I create a "mobile-only" app and want to share with people, they have to use a laptop/pc to complete the signup process, even if I only want them to be a App-user, and not a collaborator.

Hi @Crai-fe96, thanks for your post here! :honeybee:

You're correct in that the team invitation would be accepted on a desktop or via a browser, rather than in the mobile app.

We're glad you were able to successfully add your team member, but more importantly, we appreciate you sharing what you bumped into during that experience.

I'm passing along your feedback and experience to our team as an improvement request. If you run into any else, please feel free to reach out here again or submit an issue report. Your feedback is helpful for us as we continue to improve Honeycode. :honey_pot: