How to Auto Select Rowlink Value when Auto Creating a New Row

The steps I want to take are the following and the BOLDED part is where I'm stuck:

  1. Autoincrement 'Table A'[ID] Column when "New Row Added" to 'Table A'
  2. Auto "Add New Row" in 'Table B' when 'Table A' "New Row Added"
    3. Auto Select/Update/Overwrite 'Table B'[ID] Column to link to the newly added row in 'Table A'

I can get the value in 'Table B'[ID] Column overwritten to the actual value from 'Table A' but the cell merely holds the value and isn't linked to the related row in 'Table A'. (E.g. if 'Table A'[ID] value is 1, 'Table B'[ID] will also hold the value 1, but will not be linked).

What do I need to do to get it the new added row in Table B to link to the row it derived from in Table A?

Actual example would be:

Click on new row for Table A.
Table A[ID] is now 1.
Row is created in Table B.
Newly created row in Table B is linked to Table A row that was just created and Table B[ID] also reads 1.

Hi John,

Try to use the FINDROW() or FINDLASTROW() functions to get an actual rowlink.

For example, I created an app where every time someone edits a client, the app stores the update action by storing the Client ID, but I wanted to store it as a rowlink (a reference to a picklist) not just a value. I used the following formula to find the rowlink data and then I write that to a variable/cell in another table for audit trail purposes:
=FINDLASTROW(Clients,"Clients[Client ID]=$[Client ID]")

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for hopping in to help, @Andras! Let us know how it goes @John-9768 :honeybee: