How to built image gallery (multiple images upload & delete with data storage ) application

How to built image gallery (multiple images upload & delete with data storage ) application.

Like classified advisement for old things sale & purchase how i get start to built app.

please help & guide me.

Hi @same-c126, welcome to the community! :honeybee: :honey_pot:

As of now, Honeycode does not natively support images. However, with Honeycode you can create an advertisement app and link in images from another source where they are stored (i.e. S3 or another storage source).

I built an example app of this for you :slight_smile: Let me show you how:

Create a table to store user advertisements:

And another table to store different categories of these ads. The "Category" column in the "ForSale" table is formatted as a rowlink to this table:

Then use the App Wizard to quickly create an app with a list screen, details screen, and form screen of the "ForSale" table.

Now you have an app which allows you to view all ads and create new ads!

You can also add the ability to filter and sort the ads list by adding user controls in the display properties of the list. Here's an article with more info around that: Filter and Sort a List.

Hope this example helps! :slight_smile:

For one more note, native image support in Honeycode has been a popular feature request, so stay tuned to our announcements for updates. :honey_pot:

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Hi Alyssa ,

Thanks for the relevant information. I will apply these methods & get back to you if there is any other query. Thanks for the help.

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