How to change the auto populating PO column

I am trying to customize the PO approvals template.
I want to change the auto populating PO column which creates "PO69496.7766324421". How do I create a different PO numbers

Hi @Vibh-178a, great question about changing the PO numbers in the PO approvals template. To accomplish this, try the following:

  1. In Builder, go to the PO Request app
  2. In the PO Request app, go to the PO Request screen
  3. Click on the blue Submit button
  4. In the Button properties, click Actions* and then Edit Automation. Scroll down the list of actions until you find this...

    This is the expression that is auto populating the PO number. Now, if you'd like to change this to something different and something unique, I'd suggest you take a look at these two posts as they discuss how to auto-increment row numbers:

Hope this helps!

Thank AJ, it worked, appreciate your support.

Glad it worked out for you @Vibh-178a, and happy to help.