How to Create a Data Collection and Compilation App for MIS

Hi, Just joined this forum, in desire of developing and MIS data Collection and Reporting App for an Non Profit...

How to create a data entry form for monthly project progress indicators data which are mostly numeric and will be submitted from more than 10 locations, and all indicators data should be compiled in master sheet for summary report generation.

any thoughts work flow , please guide me.


Thanks in advance

Hi @anil-9b24, welcome to the community and great question you have! Just had some follow up questions so I can better assist you... For monthly project progress indicators data, what would these be based on? I'm imagining that you would have an app that users from the 10 or more regions would use to provide a project status. This app would have a home screen as well as a form (at least), where they would provide their input. But what I'm not clear on is what form would this status consist of? E.g. Would it be simply a percentage? Or number of tasks complete out of a total (e.g. 7 out of 10 tasks complete)? Or?

Once you have this defined then we can begin the underlying table(s). Once those are defined, then we begin building out the app to interface with the data in the table(s).

Also, if you haven't already, I recommend you check out some of the templates we provide as well, as they provide much of the functionality that you will likely need for your app. Here's the link:

Happy to help you more with this; please provide additional details and we'll keep it going.