How to: Create a picklist data cell that attaches to pricing?

First Off, Love HoneyCode, and the Concept. I decided to make this my OCD task to eventually become a pro with this Platform, even if it takes me years. That being said, an example for my question is;

I would like to create a picklist data cell that can link to a set pricing. Basically if I have an employee who replaces a brass fitting for a customer, and the price is always the same how would that be done? If a "1/4inch Brass union" cost "$10" for the part, and the labor is 0.75 hrs @ $90 an hour, how can the employee pick those option from a table?

And how can the employee pick between a "1/4 inch fitting", 1/2 inch fitting"..... and each part is a different price? Id like the employee to mere pick an item that is associated with eachother.

Hi @Morelli -

Here is roughly what I would do:

  1. Create a table for the pricing data, name it Picklist. Column A could be the part, Column B could be the labor time. Then go and fill in each part and price/time in your table.
  2. In your builder, insert a picklist and reference the Picklist table. Column A should be the default data pulled.
  3. In your builder, add an un-editable data cell that uses the =FINDROW function to pull the Column B data from the picklist table based on the value that is selected in the picklist variable on the App Page. (You could also make this editable if you want to give an employee the option of changing the allotted time, or maybe you could create a variable for "actual" time for the case of efficiency and payroll, but that's a little more complex.)
  4. To make this a little more dynamic, I would create a cell in a sheet, or a variable on an app page that sets your hourly rate. Then, in the above mentioned page, I would Create a third variable that multiples the hourly rate by the allocated hours.

Hope this was clear and helpful - feel free to follow up with any questions!

For the soft part it is. But now I am trying to understand and learn the Syntax/ Formulas.
This is going to be quite the journey.


Hi @Morelli, welcome to the community and glad to hear that you are enjoying Honeycode. I just wanted to check in on this one to see how things were going and if you were able to figure out the table and picklist setup that @Jared had proposed.

Hope all is well and certainly come back to visit if you have questions!

Thank you for the reach out. I have not been able to figure it out. I've been doing the "How-to" and copying the step-by-steps to learn as much as I can. I have a lot of work to do. This is like learning a new language. As much as I have been researching, and practicing, I should have alot more progress than where I am currently at.

Like anything, I just need to play around with Honeycode daily, and eventually I will adapt to the language.

If I eventually learn HoneyCode then it's safe to say anyone can learn it.

Sounds good @Morelli, and your assessment is spot on and something I had to go through as well. I'll say though, once I learned this new language :slight_smile: , all of a sudden I realized just how powerful it can be. Especially with improving business processes like the one you had originally mentioned at the start of this topic (capturing work activities, setting prices, calculations, etc.).

Please keep us posted on your journey and come back whenever you have questions, comments, or any thoughts to share! We're here to help.

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Jared, you seem rather knowledgable and might be able to assist me further. I've been attempting many variation of following your outline, but I think I am incorrectly doing this. If your available on time, would you be able to explain a step by step process? I guess it's accurate to say I need it explained "Barney" Style.

Thank you for your time.

Hi @Morelli

I apologize for the late response! How has it gone for you so far / what have you tried? Can you include some screenshots?