How to create a tree view or a Org chart display?

How to create a tree view or a Org chart display ?

Hi @Maso-2c41, glad you are on the forum, it looks like you have a very interesting use case.

There is no out of the box widget to display org chart, or even a lot of graphic capabilities as you can see at this time (more to come), however depending on your use case you can build a basic org chart with tables.

For example you can have a drop down pick list that shows all the employees, when you pick an employee the list below can show all the direct reports, and the number of their direct reports. Then you can setup the actions so that when you click on a report that becomes the setting in the drop down pick list and shows that person's reports. This way you could show three levels of people.

Not sure if this is what you are trying to accomplish; let us know if you need more info/ideas here. Sorry there is no out of the box feature for this. I'll add it to the feature request log for our team to consider.

Thank you.

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