How to create customer reminder app

How I am new here I want to know can I create a customer reminder app in the program which can remind them every year by email when their car-renewal comes. please help thanks.

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Hi @Gurp-15d9, welcome to the community! Good question you have raised here and I'm happy to help. I'd suggest that you begin with this article. In addition, check out our Simple To-Do template as this has reminder notifications configured out-of-box. The two should definitely get you on the right track.

That said, I also wanted to make sure you were aware of our current teaming model. Specifically, in order for someone to interact with an app, such as this reminder app that you made mention of, they'll need to be added to a Honeycode team. And with our free tier, you can have up to 20 people on the team. If you go beyond that though we have additional plans (Plus and Pro), which has a monthly cost. You can find additional information in this link: Adding Team Members

I'm not sure if you had already thought about how this teamming model would pair up with your idea, but again, just wanted to bring it to your attention.

Hope this helps but let us know if you have any additional questions!

Thanks, AJ I think it will help to start thanks again for your time to answer me. I really appreciate

Hi i am not creating reminder for my team i am try to create reminder for my customers so they can automatic get their car registration renewal one month and 15 days and 1 day before the car registration expire. i would have many customers and they have to add them self to the database. so how can i use honey code to fulfill my goal. please help. thanks.

You can't. Honeycode will not email people who aren't users.

Hi @Gurp-15d9,

Thanks for the follow-up here, and letting us know your goals -

@Dere-fe9c is on the right track, in that notifications cannot be sent to users that are not in one of your Honeycode teams. (Thanks for chiming in, @Dere-fe9c :slight_smile: )

This means to achieve what you're asking, you would need to add your clients to a Honeycode team, and from there you can send email notifications to them as desired. You can also share apps with them to use, if you would like.

Then to set up the reminders, you could use the Date & Time Reached action in table automations, to send email reminders and notification on desired dates. You can refer to this article to learn more about this: Triggers & Actions

Let us know if this helps! :honeybee: