How to extract the registered data?


I want to know how to extract the registered data.

When registering new data on the Form-screen, Automation insert record with generated ID.

I want to extract the registered data by ID, but I don't know how to refer to the ID.

I saw links to create unique row IDs:

Hello @K-1fa5, welcome to the community! If I understand your scenario and question correctly, you've basically created unique IDs with rows in a table leveraging the article. Now you'd like to display the data that is stored in the table, and specifically be able to extract the data by unique ID.

You should be able to use our filtering capabilities for this. There are two ways to handle filters, one is to provide the ability to the app user which is outlined here: Create a List with a Filter. This would allow the user to select what they want to filter the data on based on the columns of your choice. The other option is if you want to build the filter yourself using the =FILTER function. This is discussed here: Filters in Honeycode.

An example syntax you might use is this: =FILTER(table,"table[uniqueID]=%",$[InputRow].

Hope this helps. But please don't hesitate to reach back out if you need additional guidance.

Thank you for your help.

I am customizing the app generated from My Order table by the Wizard.
In the original operation, Order form screen's Done button register new data and navigate to List screen.

I would like to

  1. Register new data with ID on Order form screen.
  2. Redirect to the Order Detail, and show ID.

But, I found it:

Being able to get the ID/row of the record you just saved makes sense; I'll add it as a feature request for our product team to consider.

I hope too. I will try another way.


Hello @K-1fa5, I'm happy to help you with your two items above.

For 1, please follow this article (the one you referenced above) for the unique ID generation. Below I'll show you the necessary automation components as well.

For 2, here's what you can do:

  • In addition to your Form screen, proceed with adding a Detail screen. On this Detail screen, create at least one new data cell and change its source to variable (as opposed to shared). Take note of the variable name too, as this will come up again further down. For example:

  • You may also want to include the other attributes (columns) with each order in this Detail screen. If so, add new data cells and change their source the variable name above and the column name in the table. For example =$[Input_Row][Description]

  • Now going back to the Form screen, notice here I two fields and a button with automations.

  • The button has three automations. The first automation is where I add three fields to my Orders table, as illustrated in the unique ID article above.

  • The second automation is a continuation of that article, which is where I overwrite the next unique ID in the Unique_ID table.

  • The third automation is where I navigate to this newly created Detail screen and pass the value of the newly created order ID to the $[Input_Row] variable on the next screen.

And that's it! Here it is in action:

Hope this helps!

Thank you very much.
I succeeded in displaying the registered data by the way you taught me.

Excellent to hear @K-1fa5 and nice work! Don't hesitate to reach back out for any additional questions or clarifications; we're here to help.

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