How to form a prmary key in a table without auto increment

I want three tables having 2 different primary keys in 2 tables. And another table(Pipeline) is taking references from 1st(Contact table having account as primary key) and 2nd table (Account table having contact as primary key). And I want to one to many relation between account and contact column in 3rd table i.e. an account can have multiple contacts. My question is how to form primary key. I have checked the another where they had described primary key auto increment but I don't want auto increment in my primary key. And you can teach me how to create relationship between them then I will be thankful of you

Hi @Aman-1039, I'm happy to try to help you here. Couple questions though, for the primary keys in the Contact and Account tables, will it be just one column from each or multiple? Also, without an auto increment what will ensure the uniqueness of the primary keys in each table?

One approach may be to use rowlinks. Basically in your Pipeline table you will have one column with a rowlink format associated with the Contact table, and another column with a rowlink format associated with the Account table. See below for further illustration:

Let me know if this gets you going in the right direction.