How to implement multi-select in Honeycode

I'm trying to understand how to implement multi-selection based on many-to-many tables in my application. From what I understand, you have to create a "join" (aka associative) table to model this properly. What I'm struggling to understand is how to build the data entry screens (for adding and updating data).

Example: Tracking employee skills
Let's say I have two tables -- Employees and Skills, that have a many-to-many relationship with each other. I created a new join table called EmployeeSkills. Now let's say I'm adding or updating an Employee record and want to associate 1 or more Skills with it. How do I build the details or forms pages to make this work. What I don't want to do is to hard-code all the Skills as checkbox entries in the Employee form. Is there a way to dynamically render the Skills so the user can select one or more skills for the give employee?

Hi @Adna-db0d,

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You can see a similar concept to the Expense Tracker template. When you create an app with this template, you can add a new Report and add multiple expenses to that report.

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