How to import to an existing table using import csv

Is it possible to upload/import a csv file to add rows to an existing table?


Hi @Erro-bcd2 thanks for your question. Currently, upload or import CSV will only add rows to a new table.

You can, however, create an automation to 'add rows' or 'update or insert rows' to your existing table from the new table created from CSV import. The easiest way I find to something like this is to use an app automation. To do this, I create an app, and add a button to a screen. Then, I create an automation under the Actions tab for that button. I can then add either an "add row" or an "update or insert row" block. The trick here is to use a filter of the form =Filter(NewTable) in Run the steps for these rows under Run Options. This way my automation will run once per row in your new table. Then I copy the values from each column =[Column from New table] and write it to the corresponding table in the old table =[Column in the old table]. Hope this helps!

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There is now a new feature to import a CSV file to add rows to an existing table. Please check this new feature: Release Notes - December 2, 2020

I cannot get the CSV import to work in an existing workbook. It just sits at "Importing..." endlessly, for ten fields and only a couple thousand rows. Creating a new workbook from the same CSV is almost instantaneous.

Hi @Shack :honeybee:

Thanks for sharing what you're experiencing. If you're seeing this with only that particular file, you can try to re-save your file (select CSV UTF-8 as the file format), then try to import the new CSV.

If the error persists, please submit an issue report to us, and we'll take a deeper look. (After you see the error, click on the Help icon > "Report an issue.")