How to pass data auto populated in app to a table to be storaged

Good day to everyone,
I need your assistance, I'm trying to create a system which lets user create product requests, the idea is that this screen catchs all important info from user, I was able to create a pick list where user can choose what product to pick, then its cost should auto populate to its correspondant value, then that cost should be multiplied by the qty of items that are being delivered and finally that should be equal to a total.

To make the story short, it'd be like this:

I have an item order form where users can request products.
The way it's set now, starts when user selects a product from "Producto" pick list, then "Costo" cell gets autofilled with it's corresponding cost value, then "Cantidad Entregada" multiplies "Costo" value by it's corresponding data input by user.

What's happening is that the following cells are sending it's data to a table called Base_de_datos to be storaged and where all requests will be saved

Cantidad Solicitada
Cantidad Entregada

The ones not sending their value are

Product ( pick list )
Costo ( autofill when selecting a product )

How can I make Product and Costo cells transfer their value to Base_de_datos table ?

As you can see, in the app, although I choose a product from the list and its cost gets autopopulated, it does not update or sends its value to my Base_de_Datos table, and system ends up not being able to get a good multiplying calculation.

Hope I explained myself :slight_smile:

Hi @Pabl-2603! :slight_smile: :honeybee:

From looking at your app, it appears that you've set up a button to save your changes ("Guardar" button). You'll want to check the automation on that button to ensure that it is writing each value to the desired columns.

The other method would be to make the data cells a "shared" source (under the Data tab in the properties), and set the source be the name of the desired column. If you do that method, the calculation will need to be done in the Table (under the column's properties) rather than the app.

Hope that helps! Let us know if we can help any further on this.