How to POST out and receive data to/from an external server?

Anyone know if there is a way to:

  1. Receive data to my honeycode app via POST URL or similar?
  2. POST data out to another server URL
  3. POST to another server and receive the response to store and use in the tables?

You could use the Honeycode API and a service like AWS lambda to receive a post and update the Honeycode app.

It doesn't look like there is an event driven way to send data to another url endpoint yet.

It would be awesome if Honeycode had a way to expose webhook endpoints to bring in data/update a view without having to write a custom API.

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Hi @Rick-b489 and @Bria-12bf, welcome to the community! Yes, @Bria-12bf is correct, today we have our APIs available, so depending on the use case these may be of value. Hope this helps!

Hello @Rick-b489 & @Bria-12bf, we'd love to gather more information from each of you on external integrations. Please take a moment to visit External Integrations - Share your feedback! and provide details around your use case. Thanks!

Hi @Rick-b489 and @Bria-12bf, we're excited to announce integrations with Zapier and Amazon AppFlow, allowing you to connect your existing workflows and data sources with your Honeycode apps, plus new Honeycode APIs.

In case you missed it, more details can be found here! Release Notes - December 2, 2020