How to re-link mobile and web view?

I unlinked the mobile and web views and want to relink these two. How will I be able to do this?

I believe you cannot. Honeycode warns you when you try to unlink the two views.

Hi @Sour-13ae, welcome to the community! @Meezcal is correct, once you unlink the mobile and web views, you will not be able to relink them.

Is this something can be added for future releases?

Hi @DannyHoney, thanks for chiming in on this topic. The need to re-link mobile and web browser views has been voiced by customers since launch, and therefore is something our product team is keenly aware of. We'll continue to evaluate how to improve the app-building experience and this particular capability will be one of those enhancements that are considered. Rest assured. :slight_smile:

If you have additional improvement ideas please keep them coming in; we're listening.