How to record results in results table?

As of right now I have a COVID-19 Health Assessment Survey with simple yes and no questions.

How do I get the survey responses stored in the results table in the simple survey template so that I can create a separate app that shows individual user's results or have the results appear in a survey completion email notification?? Thanks.

Hi @Momi-4116, did this response to your other post help? How to record survey responses and send to an email address?

Happy to provide more details if you get need additional assistance.

Yes it helped. Everything on the survey is working now except being able to record the actual responses. This is the only part I am stuck on

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Hi @Momi-4116 - In the survey screen I'm assuming you have some sort of done or submit button. That button should have an automation associated with it that will update a results table (that's the table name in the template at least). Is it not logging the results in there? Could you perhaps send a screen shot or provide more detail around how your builder automation is configured?

Happy to help more, just need a bit more information. Thanks!

Here is a screenshot of the done/submit button automation as well as the results table from the simple survey template

hi @Momi-4116, just checking up on this to see if you were successful. Based on the last post, it looks like there may be something wrong with the formulas in the Average and Median columns. Could you please provide a snapshot or copy/paste sample of those formulas? Also, could you send a screen shot of your Survey table?

In my example below using the survey template, as you'll see the formulas reference the columns Q1 Score through Q4 Score within the Survey table; for both the average and the median. Since yours has a #VALUE!, and that you have a Survey table, it leads me to believe that the columns in the table are missing (perhaps renamed?).

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I look forward to your response.