How to set display text option inside of a form

Posting on behalf of @Xavier_71.

I have implemented a filter, inside a data cell in a form, but need to use the data in the third column . When open the form, the first column is always displayed.

There are tree tables, Customer, Projects, Tasks. The pictures below shows how a filter was implemented in the Purchase_Order Table. The column "Task_description" was set in Set Display text option. I would like to do the same inside a form.

I have al ready tried this filter for the the data cell using the [column name] after the parenthesis, but it doesn't work.


Thanks in advance.

You can change FILTER to FINDROW/FINDLASTROW depending on your need to acheive what you are looking for

Thanks, FINDROW function only query the first row that meet the criteria, we need to select from several rows . Is there any way to use Findrow to achieve that ?

Hi @Xavier_71,

Thanks for reaching out to us! :slight_smile:

Also, thanks @Raja-abc7cdd4b73536d for chiming in as well.

In looking at what you'd like to achieve, a great template that demonstrates this is our Simple Survey template.

In the template, the Survey table has different columns formatted to rowlinks, and in the app, those columns are referenced as the source of the fields in the survey form:

I'll highlight that this works as long as there's an input row passed into the screen:

For your app, since you already have a column in your Purchase_Order table that is set to display the desired rowlink info, you can reference the column as a shared source (similar to how this is done in the survey template).

This is how it would look:

Here's a Tasks table, which has the description in the third column:

Here's the Survey (or Form) table with the task rowlink column that displays the description column of that rowlink:

In Builder, in the form field, the column is specified as the shared source (Note: you'll need to have an input row from the Purchase_Order table as the block's source):

Finally, this is how the field looks in the app:

Let me know if this helps! I'd recommend deconstructing the Simple Survey template to better understand how this works. :slight_smile: :honeybee: