How to set visibility for a button when a condition is met

I have a leave request app and have been trying to set the submit button

visibility when a condition is met.
I just want that my employees don't ask leaves for back date, So i just want the submit button to be visible only when start date is today greater than today. please suggest the formula for such condition.

Hello @Kash-1c06, welcome to the community! I'm happy to help you with this question. In order to prevent your employees from submitting a back date, you'll want to use conditional visibility. I'll provide some screen shots/GIFs below to illustrate how this can be done.

  1. Create two Done buttons. One with automations and a visibility formula of =$[Date]>=TODAY().

Here is the automation set with this button:

  1. The second Done button will use this visibility formula =$[Date]<TODAY() and will not have automations.

Notice how this does not have any automations:

  1. I've added a bonus too :slight_smile: This will only show if the date is either not set or less than current date, as it uses the same visibility formula in step 2.

Now let's see it in action.

Hope this helps!