How to share or sell the created Templates

Maybe we can solve our usual business problems with just one Honeycode app full of ideas.

I think that outputting the code that defines the created Template or the json that defines the Template has not been considered from the meaning of Honeycode mechanism.

When GA (General Availability) is released, please create a mechanism that we can share or sell the created template to people outside we Team, like AWS Marketplace.


There's another reason to do this - backup.

Not a single code-free platform currently makes it possible to defend the entire investment in a solution. Such export should include everything - schema, functions, custom script, etc. To be truly protected, businesses must be able to encapsulate the IP investment and re-instantiate it wholly as a new instance or a recovery instance.



I want to share my workbooks to my customer that he isn't familiar with workbook/app development.


Thanks @HideG for your feedback! We've made a note :slight_smile:

PS - As a side note, I encourage you to share any cool apps here: Show us your apps! Would love to see your use cases.

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