How to update cells automatically by selecting a value from pick list

Hi all,
I need help, I´m trying to make a system for creating orders, I´ve created an orders table and a properties table so that the user can see a summary orders screen and also would be able to see a detail order screen, then if needed, he or she would be able to create a new order, and thats where I have the issue, I would like user to be able to select a product from a pick list and then the other values associated to a specific product selected should auto populate, could someone help me pls?


Table 1

Table 2

Table 3


App ( new order section, if I select a product, the other details dont sincronize to that product)

Hello @Pabl-2603, great question you have. I believe what you are trying to do is similar to what's done here: Dynamically Retrieve a Rowlink's Column.

But to further help, I've built a similar app to what you have shown (thanks for the screenshots, this really helps!).

Notice the name of my picklist object, Code...

Now, for the other fields, I simply reference that to retrieve additional details about that particular code selected in the drop down. For example:

Another example...

I have the syntax wrapped in an =IFERROR just because I want to control what message is displayed if the drop down is empty (user has yet to select an item).

Now to see it in action:

Hope this helps!

Hi Aj,
First of all, thx for taking the time to help, it's really outstanding the quality of service Honeycode provides to users, you went beyong and provided me with what I needed to make it work.

I see what you did and how, I'll give it a try and will let you know how it goes, thx so much again.


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