How Update a Row of table from $[user input]

Could I get some help in Updating a table column...It only Add new rows when execute:

I cannot update existing row with coluimn iD=1 in table named:Resultados, want to Update table's field [P]. Doing the following:

  1. Capturing a $[Input field] and a having a Button to execute automation.

  2. On Buttonś click, I set, Update Row in or add row to:

  3. At Match row from data source to rows in, I set : =findrow(Resultados,"Resultados[iD]=1")

  4. at Take data from:, I set:
    =$[Input field]

  5. at And Write to:, I set:

Here some images:




Thank you,

Hi @Andres

Thank you for posting in the community!

In your current set up, what you can do is update your automation. Instead of inputting a custom condition of =findrow(Resultados,"Resultados[iD]=1") you can set it to something like this:
image (8)

This should result in the inputs for $[Input field] to be inserted to column ‘P’ for the row where ‘ID’ = 1

From what you provided it sounds like you are looking to have users update information for a specific row of data. Incase you haven’t seen this yet here is information on how pass data from one screen to the next. If you are having your users view a list of data and want to give them the options to click on a specific item to edit, this could be a useful flow.

Let me know if you have any further questions. I’m happy to help!


Thanks a lot Matt, it worked fine.

Also I did it using Overide:


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