HOw use findrow() in formula of column Properties, not in any cell


I have 2 tables:
SCI_Control (Master)

  • Periodicidad (with formula pointing to column Periodicidad of Master)

I want to do "join" (both have column "Control"), and the table SCI_Evidencia_Control create a column with the data of column "Periodicidad" of Master.

@Pankaj @Alyssa

Hi @Javi-1285 :honeybee:

Looking at your screenshot, you already have a rowlink column that is pointing to the Control table. As that be the case, you can use the following formula:

Or if you choose to use the FINDROW formula, it would look like:
=FINDROW(SCI_Control, "SCI_Control[Control]=[Control]")[Periodicidad]

They both would give the same result. Let us know if that helps! :honey_pot:

Thanks @Alyssa lyssa

I put

Now show #VALUE. But the row in the Mastes exist!.



Hi @Javi-1285 :honeybee:

What happens when you try the following formula?


Let us know if that works. I think the FINDROW formula may need another column since what I wrote in my initial reply points to the row only (and not a column to match). So it may look something like:

=FINDROW(SCI_Control, "SCI_Control[Control]=[Control][Control]")[Periodicidad]

Although, I'd advise the top formula if it works, since it's simpler. :honey_pot:

Thanks very much @Alyssa

it works fine now. Each day I learn so much....!


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