I gave a talk about Honeycode

Los Angeles South Bay WASP posted a video of my talk on Honeycode at
It came out better than I expected. After watching it for a while, if you want to skip ahead to a live build, where I make an app with about a dozen clicks and no typing, that starts at 31:45.

Apologies to @Nanc-5d83 :innocent: who was very helpful to me when I first started building with Honeycode. I would have liked to credit her by her handle, but I just didn't have that handy when I was giving the talk. I did credit the Honeycode Community, which had been amazingly helpful.



Very cool, @DennisK ! :star2:

Thanks for sharing this with us; It's great to see you in action and sharing your Honeycode knowledge out there. :smiley:

Also, I'll echo that @Nanc-5d83 has been a great help to our community! Well-deserved shout-out.


@DennisK and @Alyssa thank you so much for your kind words. @DennisK I'm glad I was able to be of assistance. It's great that you were able to share your Honeycode app and show how quickly you can design a solution. I've also learned a lot from the Honeycode community...it's the gift that keeps on giving :slight_smile: