I have a pretty simple question, but not sure how to do this (or can it be done?)

I have a form that has a large number of entry fields. 6 of them are numbers (with one digit of precision. I don't have any trouble with presenting the fields (or storing the record in the database when they press "Done".

The question is that I have another field that I would like to be a summary field. So, if I entered "1.1" in one of the fields and 2.4 in another one of the 6 field - I would like the summary field to show "3.5" (duh). I have that field also tied to a field in the DB.

The question is: How do I run some sort of procedure/user exit (the way that I can add actions on a button click). For a normal GUI environment I would be able to capture the losing of focus from one of the 6 fields and then sum them and display them (read only) in the summary field.

Alternatively, is there a function/formula that I can use for the summary field to set it to the sum of the 6 fields. If so, can you point to any documentation??

I haven't spent that long on it yet, but it wasn't immediately clear how to do this.


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Actually, please don't bother to answer this. This is what some of us get for working for 48 hours straight. We aren't thinking straight. I woke up this morning, and thought to myself, "Why didn't I just put a formula into that cell?

Of course, it worked just fine... (Never mind!)



We've all been there before @MartySirkin. I find that coffee helps me, but sounds like you need sleep more than anything! Do let us know if there's anything we can help you with :honeybee:

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OK Taylor. First of all, thanks for your very kind words. I guess I'll have to find an alternative (don't drink coffee). Putting the final touches on a little app for a charity group that makes quilts for Seattle homeless and masks for the Najavo nation.

Virtually everything is finished. The last thing I want to do when I am adding a quilt to the "Quilts" table is to autonumber the Quilt number column (it's just an integer column).

What I thought would work was to add (to the actions section for the "Done" button) is to add an action in the "Add data to new row" part of the action. What I thought made sense was to add "=MAX(Quilts[Quilt Number])+1" to the =[Quilt Number] field.

This, however, complains of a circular reference. I didn't want to have to create a separate table to hold the autonumber.

Suggestions of how this is done with Honeycode? Is there a way of pre-populating that field when the form is first presented? I haven't seen a form_load type object available in Honeycode...


Hi @MartySirkin,

We're happy to hear that you're just about done building your app! It's also a very cool and respectable cause that you're building this for, so thank you for sharing that with us.

In terms of how to increment your quilt number column, you can refer to the following link on how to achieve this: How to Build a Unique Row ID Automation.

This link demonstrates how to increment an ID value by one to create a unique ID for each submission on a form (a newly added row).

Let us know if this helps. :slight_smile: :honeybee:


Thank you so much - I'll go look at the article now...

I really appreciate you getting back to me so quickly!!


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Totally agree with @Alyssa, love the cause @MartySirkin! Looking forward to hearing about the success of your app!

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Thank you both. Alyssa, article was right on point. Took about 5 seconds, and it's all set now. Thanks!!

I just imported the list of 75 or so women (yes, there should be some male quilters, but like my wife, the Eastside Quilters are all women right now :slight_smile: ).

The app is now complete for V1 (with the last feature being the auto-numbering). So, I will let me wife (retired programmer) do a final QA on it. If she blesses it this weekend, we'll publish it and I'll create a doc for training the Quilters. (I still have to get the .xls of the current projects underway so I can add them to the table. But it should be good to go.

I wanted to play with honeycode (I'm a currently out-of-work Computer Scientist, and bored out of my mind), so I was glad that my wife had a good app for me to play with.

Please let me know if I can help in any way. I am happy to help out with ideation/testing, if that is helpful to you in any way...

Thanks, have a great weekend, and please stay safe/distanced!!



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