I made an website in adalo and now want to recreate it in Honeycode

Hi everybody

I tried getting started on honeycode first but the lack of tutorials made the learning curve very steep so i created it in Adalo. The issue is I know the app I created can not scale and I do not trust the security standards on Adalo vs using Honeycode and eventually linking it to systems in AWS.

Below is a description and link to the website I created.. I would really appreciate it if I could get some help on how to recreate this on Honeycode. How to set up the users, how to set up the databases, how to set up the file storage.

This is ultimately a website where customers can request a quote for their old HVAC equipment and vendors can provide quotes back, all on the website. This is a multisided website which means there are different User Interfaces depending on the privileges of who is logging in. When you sign up, you are automatically signed up as a customer, but I can change it in to admin or a specific vendor in the backend.

The 3 types of interfaces you could get when logging in are:

  • Customer Interface – Lets you create new RFQ requests, track your requests, view submitted bids, and download quotes which have been provided by the 3 vendors. If no quote has been provided it was say $0 and there will be no button to download the quotes. Customers cannot see other customer’s requests.
  • Vendor Interface – Lets you respond to RFQ requests from all customers (aggregated), update bids, upload quotes. Can not see valuation of other vendors. There is also a rudimentary analytics page which doesn’t show much but is a placeholder for now.
  • Admin Interface – Lets you view RFQ requests from all customers (aggregated), and can see bids of all vendors. There is a rudimentary analytics page which doesn’t show much but is a placeholder for now.

Known Issues:

  • To remove friction for the customer - I added the ability to request a quote without even logging in. But if you try to create an account after that, it will not be tracked to that account (but the RFQ goes through).
  • Formatting in general has issues when I put up buttons on pages so you may see text is not aligned on a page (functionally still works)
  • This does not automatically notify vendors when a new deal is logged. I can do it via Zappier integration but cost money.

Below are some logins you can try (or just sign up as a customer) on the site to play with it:

Make sure to replace "(dot)" with a "." because I could not post the full emails due to forum rules

Email Password User Type
admin@honeycode(dot)com 123 Admin
customer@gmail(dot)com 123 Customer
customer@amazon(dot)com 123 Customer
admin@hvac1(dot)com 123 Vendor
admin@hvac2(dot)com 123 Vendor
admin@hvac3(dot)com 123 Vendor

I know this is a loaded topic but I really would like some help on how to set up something similar in Honeycode. Thank you!!

Here is the website: Customer Quoting

I can only put one URL in a post apparently because I'm a new user. That's why the email addresses in the table above are messed up too

Hi @Dani-f256,

Welcome to the community and thanks for the question! The app you created with Adalo is really awesome!!

We use the concept of Teams to share apps, which means you have to add users to your team in order for them to access it. The app is still public/internet-facing, however, it's a matter of who has been granted access.

For more info on Teams, please visit here: Adding Team Members

Anonymous access to apps has been a relatively common feature request and it's something our product management team has been made aware of. :slight_smile:

Please let us know if you have any other questions!

Thank you,