I was creating a vacation request app in HoneyCode in which I was linking a Status field from Status table to a column of Vacation Request Table

This is I have written


and getting a warning in a formula field

and this field is not fetching the status value from Status Table to a column of another table.

Hi @Abhi-b0bd, welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

The syntax of what you shared looks correct, so there may be something in how the field or tables are set up -

Could you provide a screenshot of where you are entering the formula in your app (with the warning that appears) and a screenshot of your table? If your formula is part of an automation, please let us know how you set up your automation as well.

In the below screenshots I have shown two tables, in which I would like to fetch status field from one of the table (Status) and update it in Vacation Request table (Status Column).

As as I have shared my syntax above, the status column has not been updated in Vacation Request Table.
Thanks for your response.
Looking forward to help and support.

Hi @Abhi-b0bd,

Thanks for the screenshots of the tables -

Could you also provide the screenshot of where you are entering the formula and of the warning message? Once you provide that as well, it will be easier to see what's going on.

Hi @Abhi-b0bd,

Thanks for the screenshot of your automation -

Since you have the table set up correctly and the syntax of the formula looks right, I'm thinking that there may be something as simple as a space that should be deleted.

If you go to the cell in your Status table that says "Pending", make sure that there is no space after the word. If there is a space, delete it, and the formula should recognize the value "Pending" properly.

I notice this in your status column you're writing to as well, there's an extra space at the end of the name. It's good practice to delete these spaces, so it's easier to identity and call the exact values.

Let me know if that works. :slight_smile: :honeybee:

Hi Alyssa,

There is no extra space there but please look at the screenshot of the warning, I'm getting.

Hi @Abhi-b0bd,

Thanks for sharing the warning message -

If you're getting the #NAME? error, that could mean that the table name or column name is not typed correctly.

We advise checking your status table and column names as well for spaces. You'll want to delete any extra spaces and verify that the table and column names are typed correctly.

We've created this app to demonstrate this for you, and this is how it's set up (and is working correctly):

Status table:

Automation formula on the submit button:

Table for vacation requests (Pending status is correctly written):

Hope this helps, seems like it's just a simple space typo somewhere, perhaps in your table or column names.

Thank you so much for all the time and efforts, could you please suggest where I can read about linking of tables in details using Honey Code.

Hi @Abhi-b0bd,

In Honeycode linking is done with Rowlinks. You can read more about them here: Intro to Rowlinks & Picklists

The relationship you have implemented, between Status and Vacation Days look like the right way to implement that relationship.

Hope this helps, let us know if @Alyssa's solution helped or if you are still experiencing any issue.