IF formula in Display Property or Data Cell

Can I use an IF formula in a display property? For example, I'd like a context box's display value set to TRUE or FALSE based on the value of another cell, in this instance the $[StatusResult] field. Below is the formula I have now. In the case below, the formula should return "TRUE" is a user edits the $[StatusResult] field and chooses "Loss" from the picklist for that field. However, I am getting a syntax error in the display property. Screenshot provided. Note, I get this error when using an IF formula in a data cell as well if I want to set a cell's value via this formula, so it is probably/hopefully something simple I'm overlooking.


Hi @Allen,
Thank you for your question.
You can use the IF formula for visibility. The expression looks right to me and should work provided you have a Data cell called "StatusResult" on the same screen. Based on the error, that might be the problem. Please check if you have the right Data cell name in the expression?
Note: Data cells defined in a List cannot be referenced in expressions outside that List.

Here is a screenshot. The other field on the page is titled "StatusResult" so not sure why I am having the error. Intended behavior is for this field to become visible if the user chooses a specific item in the Status field on the page, which then updates the StatuResut field.

Hi @Allen,
Thanks for your reply.
The one possibility I can think of is a trailing whitespace in the Data cell name. Is the Data cell name "StatusResult " and not "StatusResult"?

Separately, the expression can also be simplified to just =$[StatusResult]="Loss" as that will return TRUE or FALSE depending on the value of the Data cell.

Unfortunately, the trailing whitespace isn't the issue, but I did just figure it out. The display formula was in a different box than the StatusResult field. Is there a way to reference a field on the same page, but in another box?

Hi @Allen,
Glad to hear that you figured it out.

Note: Data cells defined in a List cannot be referenced in expressions outside that List.

Data cells defined in blocks can be referenced in any expression on the same screen. But Data cells defined inside a list, currently, cannot be referenced outside the list. Was Data cell StatusResult defined in a List?