If No Data Available, Display Message

Hello everyone!
In the app builder, I have a column list with several columns. I also have a variable that I carried over from the previous screen called "Selected Practice" that filters the list on the current screen by this practice. If the Selected Practice does not equal the first column in the list, which is called "Project Practice column data2" which stores the Practice Name, then I want this message to display: "No available data.", since the list will be empty.
I made a context box that says this message and set the visibility to: =IF($[Project Practice column data2]="", true, false). I also tried =IF($[SelectedPractice]="$[Project Practice column data2]", false, true). Both of these are not working.

Any suggestions?

Hi @Sing-e9c5, thanks for your post!

I’m happy to help you out. :slight_smile:

First, I’ll note that you don't necessarily need to use the IF operator for the “Set Visibility” field, since that is implied. The content box will not be visible unless the formula provided returns true.

So for the formula, if you want the message visible when the two columns do not equal each other, try this: =$[SelectedPractice]<>$[Project Practice column data2]

Or if you want it visible when the value is empty, you can do something like this: =$[SelectedPractice]=“”

Let me know if this helps. :honeybee:

Unfortunately that didn't work! It's giving me an error. :frowning:

Hi @Sing-e9c5,

Thanks for your reply and letting us know -

Could you provide us with a screenshot of your input and the error that you are seeing?

Before this screen, the user either selects an Account ID or Practice they want to filter the app by. If they select an Account ID, the "Selected Account ID" boxes will show, and if they select a Practice, the "Selected Practice" boxes will show, with the variable carried over from the previous screen.
Then, the user comes in and selects from a drop down menu to filter the type of data they would like to see, in this case Invoiced Revenue, which will show a column list called "Invoiced List" by making the visibility =TRUE when the Picklist equals Invoiced Revenue.
Now, when the $[SelectedPractice] or $[SelectedAccountID] do not match the column values in the list, in this case the data cells "Project Practice column data2" or "Account ID Lookup column data2" that correspond to the Practice and Account ID columns, I want the context box that I have on the screen stating "No available data to display. Choose another filter or return home." to display.

Hi @Sing-e9c5,

Thanks for your quick reply -

That error means that a data variable is not available to reference. Meaning, the block may not have the input source.

So to fix this, you can click on the "Data" tab in the block properties and ensure that the input source is set correctly (i.e. to =$[InputRow]). Once you verify and update that accordingly, perhaps try both of the suggested formulas.

Or, you can move the content box into a block that has the input source, and select the content box itself to input a formula in its visibility properties.

Let me know if that helps. :honeybee:

Thank you so much for your reply! I tried moving the box into a block with an input source and trying the formulas, however, it's still not working.

Hi @Sing-e9c5,

I see, thank you for letting us know -

Could you provide us with a screenshot of the data source of your list?

Click on the list on the screen, then the "Data" tab in the properties window, and share a screenshot of what you see.