Improved syntax & query help for non-coders

For Honeycode being a way to build apps "without coding" I still had to write plenty of queries and did not have great help for query syntax. The screen tips disappeared quickly or weren't thorough enough. The help page for syntax wasn't helpful enough for the non-coder. The definition of terms wasn't clear in some cases, such as the "context row".

Help the non-coder!


Hi @corythigpen, thanks for this post!

This is great feedback to know what type of in-app notifications and tips could be helpful. I also understand that further clarity of the terms in Honeycode would help users as well, regardless of level.

I'll pass your request along to our team.

We're continuously working towards making Honeycode easier to use for everyone, so if you think of anything else you'd like to see, let us know. :honeybee: :slightly_smiling_face:

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