IndexRow( )



INDEXROW() Returns a rowlink by index in a specific domain. The first argument can be a table, filter formula, or an formula that returns a link to a table. The second argument is the row number you wish to retrieve. The row number must be a positive integer.


=INDEXROW(table, index)


  • Table/filter: A table, filter, or filter reference that returns a list of rows.

  • Offset: Any positive integer. Returns #N/A if index is out of bound.


=INDEXROW(Tasks, 1)

Returns the first row in table Tasks. In the table below, this returns “Sample Task 1

INDEXROW tasks table image

=INDEXROW(FILTER(Tasks, "Tasks[Owner]=%", "Adam"), 3)

Returns the third row filtered to tasks owned by Adam. In the table above, this returns "Sample Task 6."

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