Inivitation Problem

Hi there
i am experiencing Great While Using this

but i have some doubt's "How to Upload to playstore/App store once we develop app "

and one issue i am facing i invite one person to my app , he received mail but when he went through that link , it asking "Resend invitation "

But it's not working since it's should complete 24 hr's .

Hi @PGop-edfa, welcome to the community!

In regards to your first note, the apps that you develop with Honeycode are accessible through the Honeycode app (both on web and mobile). The links to download the mobile Honeycode app are available here: Download the Honeycode App

For the invitation issue, please ensure that the user you invited signs up for Honeycode with the same email address that you are inviting. Then after checking, re-send a new invite to the user to join your team.

Let me know if that helps and if you have any other questions. :honeybee: :slightly_smiling_face:

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