Input box length and Char limit


Can we place a restriction to the user input box? Like can we restrict the user to enter only 4 characters and alphanumeric?

I know there are workarounds to add messages to inform users by using the visibility settings of 2 content boxes. But is there are straight forward to restrict the user?

Also can we mark red colored * symbol to indicate the field is mandatory?

Please suggest.


Hi @Kish-3564

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Here is a good article on how to add data validation on a form. Specifically, look at how two Submit buttons (greySubmit and blueSubmit) are placed on the screen - one that is hidden, and enabled only when the validation criteria is met, and the other one set to the opposite criteria.

You can also add additional text (e.g., red star) to indicate a field is mandatory in a Context Box. Add free form text (*) and change text color using the toolbar.

Hope this helps.


Hi @Razi
Thanks for your suggestions. I already gone through that articles and built my application.

But the question here is that "Can we restrict the user to enter after certain numbers/chars?" . For example a Employee ID field has 5 alphanumeric limit. Then, can we restrict the user to enter 6th character?

Hi @Kish-3564, check out this previous post and let us know if it helps with what you are trying to achieve: Validation to input filed