Input textbox with auto-complete based on existing column data

I'm looking to reduce the entry of dirty data BY providing previously entered data (From that same column) to present to users. e.g. "Bilstein B16" and "B16" are the same product however they're entered differently. IF a user saw "Bilstein" after typing just "B" and then proceeded to select OR type a new entry. I feel it would reduce dirty data by a bit.

All it would require is an extra option in the Textbox for EDITABLE, SHARED fields, drawing from a PICKLIST which allows the extraction of column data to show as AUTOCOMPLETE options.

As easy as it sounds, it is a few more queries to make it happen. Maybe it might slow the textbox down - not sure.

Let me know! :slight_smile: Would be awesome but i'm NOT desperate for it - Just to be clear. :slight_smile:

JIRA Priority - LOWEST

Hi @karbonphyber, thanks for this request!

I see how this could be helpful in preventing dirty data; I'll pass this along to the team to evaluate.

I also have an idea which may meet your needs for now :slight_smile:

On a screen, you can create a field formatted as a rowlink & picklist to a Products table. This allows a user to pick an existing product, and if a user starts typing in that field, it will reduce the selectable options to only those that the text matches.

On that same screen, you can have an Add Product button, which a user can click if they do not see their existing product in that picklist. This button can then unhide a form section which allows a user to submit a new product (which then makes it a selectable option in the picklist that you created).

Let me know if that helps! :honey_pot: :honeybee:


That's a thought too @Alyssa lol... tables and rows for everything!

i like the hide/unhide option. will go with that!

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