Integrate Honeycode screens in existing web/react app

We already have a webapp which is built using react and on AWS. Are there any way to integrate the honey code screens into our existing webapp and exchange the credentials with the honeycode ?

Can we put iframe and load the app inside it ? Wondering how do the authorization and authentication work here ?

We use cognito to build user login experience.

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I would also be very interested to heat about this :eyes:

Hello @GVNavin,

Thank you for your post. Honeycode does have public API to access screen data. Please refer to our API doc to learn more about authentication method: Accessing Developer Tools and APIs - Amazon Honeycode

"App Screen APIs" is the API would be of interest to you.

Thank you,

I checked the API, it looks like it is giving table related information. I am more interested in adding the front end pages/screens into our app. Is there a way to do this ?

Hi @GVNavin,

Thank you for following up. "GetScreenData" API will load screen content.