Integrate with AppFlow of other accounts

I don't have enough knowledge of AppFlow.
I know Honeycode needs to connect with an AWS account to integrate with Appflow.

Can Honeycode integrate with AppFlow of another account, or only with of connected account ?
Is it possible for a team to connect to multiple AWS accounts?

I hope I can share the AppFlow created with one account with other teams.

Hi @K-1fa5 thanks for the question! Honeycode uses OAuth to authorize AppFlow to act on your behalf, which is separate from AWS Identity and Management. So, you do not need to have your Honeycode team connected with an AWS account to integrate with AppFlow. Furthermore, you can have your Honeycode team connected to one AWS account and use AppFlow flows from a different AWS account, so long as you have authorized those flows. However, we do recommend that you use one AWS account because that way, your IAM policies governing access are centralized in one AWS account.

Thank you. RajeshGoli.

I understood authentication on AppFlow.

I was able to connect to Honeycode from AppFlow in the Oregon region.
I learned that the Honeycode service is only supported in the Oregon region now, and AppFlow support varies by region.

AppFlow connect with a Honeycode user account and can update workbook data that can be edited by the connected user. Not related to team.

thanks, again.