Integrating our Honeycode App with Slack

I want to tell you about a simple Honeycode app made very powerful by a small change —and the secret sauce that was game-changing for us.

We started with the team tracker template, which solved the basic problem we had in mind, but we wanted to customize it so that it tracked to a particular objective with a deadline in the context of a team effort. This made it very powerful: we no longer needed to worry about having left things undone when preparing for an important meeting or meeting a deadline. It tracked our action items, their status, and automatically kept our managers informed. But in important respects, it failed us. Email notifications from Honeycode often were missed amidst overflowing inboxes. So though it “notified,” the notifications went unseen. Nor could we share data with someone outside our team that didn’t use the app. And of course it was necessary to be logged into Honeycode to use it, which not everyone was all the time.

So we asked ourselves, how can we affect notifications that can never be missed, and get data out of our Honeycode app so that it can be shared even with those who don’t use the app?

Answer: Slack. And it turned out to solve all our problems. Notifications never got missed because our team lives in Slack and you can’t miss a notification there. We were able to share the status of the project - or any data - with anyone using Slack, whether or not they had access to our app or even knew about it. And we saved a switch of context, another login, finding the right screen for an update or the right one to view, and finally a return to where you do your work - Slack.

Never having to leave the place where we otherwise worked together, Honeycode made it possible for us to collaborate with almost no risk and a seamless interface because it provided Slack with a real app that did the work of managing our deliverables for us, and it did so without ever having to leave Slack.


Hi @Eliz-e563,

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We love reading your story here :smiley: :heart:

It's great to hear that Honeycode's new two-way integration support has made collaboration easier for your team. :star2:

There's a lot of possibilities that the new integration support opened up, and the power of a Slack and Honeycode combo is a great one to highlight.

For others reading this post that are curious how to integrate other services with Honeycode, you can check out this article with further details: Connecting with Zapier, AppFlow, & Webhooks. Honeycode also has new APIs available, which may be helpful as well: Get Connected: Amazon Honeycode APIs and Integrations.

Thanks for your inspiring post, @Eliz-e563. Let us know if you have any other feedback in the future or thoughts on how we can continue to make Honeycode helpful to you and your team. :honey_pot: