Interested in app template or sample

have a question,
am interested in app template or sample, to implement it quickly, in order to understand how it works.
might be based on windows and menus.
having an aws based nodejs server as backend, would need a frontend app.
thanks for any link or ideea

Hi @luciany when you select "create workbook" you can select among the following templates:

I have started with the "Simple To-Do" which is easy to use and brings a good overview of how you can build an app with Honeycode.

Regarding the integration with your backend, you can use the APIs (Getting Started with Honeycode APIs - #2) or if you are using lamba functions or even S3 bucket, you can also use AppFlow or Zapier to interact with your Honeycode Frontend app (Integrate Data with Zapier and Amazon AppFlow - #2).

Hope it can help you :slight_smile: