Invalid length for parameter importOptions.destinationOptions.columnMap

I think its bug here.
I'm trying to use StartTableDataImportJob API calls. My column map looks like
"rama-prod-account-id-12345678901234567890": {
"columnIndex": 1
"acc-created-at": {
"columnIndex": 2
"acc_tier": {
"columnIndex": 3
but I get an error "invalid length for parameter importOptions.destinationOptions.columnMap (key: acc-created-at), value: 14, valid min length: 36" and only the first column is valid.
Or maybe someone can explain me - why a table column header must be more then 36 symbols?

Hi @Fedo-67de, welcome to the community, and thanks for your post! :honeybee:

We're happy to help :slight_smile:

Looking at what you shared, the key in the columnMap should be column Ids rather than column names. Column Ids are UUIDs with a fixed length of 36. You can get column Ids of a table by calling ListTableColumns as shown here: ListTableColumns - Amazon Honeycode

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions. :honey_pot:

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