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Hello Community,

I am trying to create a simple tracker for inventory where staff will input count of products based on expiration date. Is there a way to automatically populate the following:

  • date fields - depending on what day they logged in

  • user name - depending on who logged in

  • branch - depending on the user name

Thanks much!

Hi @JP93 welcome to the community and thanks for posting your question! :wave: What you you can do to automatically write the data that you've listed, is to update the automation for the "submit" button for your input form.

Check out this article and take a look at the section named "Add automations to buttons". For your case in particular, you will want to use the NOW function and the $[SYS_USER] variable to automatically write the date and username to your table. Here is a screenshot of a sample in my account:
Screenshot 2020-12-14 102403

To automatically write the branch information that the user is from, you'll want to update the automations as well but you'll also want to make sure you have a table that provides user branch information. In my sample, I have a table that provides my roster information:

Next, I'll update my automation to find the user's 'Branch' data and write it to the table:
Screenshot 2020-12-14 104239

Incase you haven't used the FINDROW() function that I used in the screenshot above, check out this article that provides more information on this. Overall what automatically writing data in the background does, is allow you to simplify your input form. If you want to display this data on the input form and show it to your app users rather than auto write the data in the background, you can use the same functions, formulas, and variables I shared above but instead write them in the 'Set Initial Value' for a data cell:

Let me know if this helps! Happy building :hammer_and_wrench:

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Thanks Matt! This works for me

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Great to hear @JP93 ! If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to post in the community. We are here to support you :grinning:

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