Is it possible (in a query form) to decrease spacing between rows?

In a generated app, the initial form that is displayed is a "list" form that shows the queried rows from the sheet that match the query parameters specified. My question is: Is it possible to get these rows closer to each other (so that there are more results per page)?? The default shows a LOT of white space...


Hi @MartySirkin, I'd like to make sure I understand what you're asking. Are you referring to the white space while viewing the app? If so, are you asking if there's some way within Tables or Builder that you can manipulate the data and/or rows so that while in App View, you can see more results per page?

Either would work. The goal is to see more rows on the page. Having spent years as a low-level coder (mostly backend), but as someone who has done my share of frontend work, my first thought was to reduce the vertical whitespace per row on the page - if that is easily doable... (Hopefully this answers the question).

Thank you for further clarifying your use case, @MartySirkin. It's helpful for me to understand what you're looking for with these details. There are a couple minor things you could try, which I'll outline below:

  1. Avoid unnecessary Blocks or Segments between (or around) fields may help keep them closer for now.
  2. Increase the font size will make the text look bigger in comparison to the space.

While these are both minor improvements, the real answer is that it's a feature request which I'll submit to our Product team to look into.

Do continue to include us on your builder journey :honeybee:, this has been fun!

Thanks - I will. I have already removed spurious potential blocks (white space). Your second suggestion didn't occur to me. In reality, that isn't a great option (the user wants more data on the form, rather than making it look more full. But I appreciate the suggestions. This isn't a super-important issue. But I got asked so I thought I would ask...

Since I'm sitting around (trying to find a next job/interesting challenge), this is fun and gives me something new to play with...

Thanks for the speedy response!

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