Is it possible to invite/blend non-SSO user to SSO team?

We have a contractor/programmer who is helping us create some apps in Honeycode as part of a larger consulting project. Our company/team uses SSO. They’re programming in their own account, and can’t share with our team. (They invite us, but we can’t access while logged in with SSO.)

  1. Can they be integrated somehow without adding them to our SSO system?
  2. Can they transfer the apps to us somehow without joining or sharing?
  3. Can we have an SSO team and a non-SSO team in the same Honeycode account?

Any insight would be appreciated.

Hi @Larr-d1ee,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community!

As of today, if your team is using SSO, the contractor would need to be added to the SSO team in order to share the workbook/apps with your team. More information can be found about these two articles: Share and Invite and Single Sign-on (SSO).

Hope this helps,


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