Is it possible to use Findrow or Vlookup to fetch data from another table?

Hi, I have two tables 1. Master Data and 2. User Input.

What I am trying to do is ask the user to just select "ID Number" and submit to table User Input. (it will be picklist in Table USER INPUT connected to Tabel MASTER DATA).

I also need some more columns from the MASTER DATA to be available for use in USER INPUT.

But I think Vlookup and Findrow is not working between the two tables.

Please Help.



Are you interested in finding other rows from the master table or just store other columns from the same row? Rowlinks support retrieving any part of the row so you could potentially do the following:

Master Table:
[ID] | [Info1] | [Info2]

In the user table, once you have stored the rowlink in the ID column, you can do the following:

User Table
[ID] | [Info1]
<user picked> | =[ID][Info1]

This will dynamically calculate the info1 from the selected row.

If you want to store the value statically, use the same formula in the automation when you submit the user selection.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Happy building!


Thanks, it worked liked a charm.

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