ISBLANK should return TRUE after value is set to ""

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ISBLANK should return TRUE if the value is "", or "No Selection" in picklists, if the user fills in a value then deletes it.

See attached images. "x is blank" shows the =ISBLANK($[var]) result, "x is empty" shows the result of =$[var]="". Upon initial load, ISBLANK works as expected, but not after setting/resetting input.


Step 1 - when the app screen is first loaded, ISBLANK will work as expected and returns TRUE, since the input and picklist are initially empty.

Step 2 - when the user types in the input and selects an option, ISBLANK still works as expected, and returns FALSE

Step 3 - when the user clears the input and resets the picklist to "No Selection", ISBLANK does NOT work as expected, and still returns FALSE. However, the $[var]="" check does work as expected.

  • What’s the problem that you’re looking to solve?
    ISBLANK currently remains FALSE if the user first fills in a value or selects a picklist option, AND THEN resets the value or selects "No Selection". This behavior is not intuitive.

  • How are you/is your team currently blocked?
    Not blocked, since the =$[var]="" check works. But ISBLANK behavior is counterintuitive if it only works on first load, but does not work after value/input changes.

Thank you for submitting this @Shavina ! I'll bring this feedback to our team as we continue to find ways to improve experiences for our users. Glad that the =$[var]="" check works for you case, but if you have any further feedback as you build let us know!

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